Old Town San Diego…. a simple pleasure

Cafe Coyote Old Town San Diego

Fried Ice Cream from Cafe Coyote

A lazy afternoon brought us to Old Town San Diego for some fried ice cream. Yes, FRIED ICE CREAM! Old Coyote Mexican Restaurant was mentioned in the travel channel so we figured to give it a shot. Of course a meal before desert so we ordered tacos, chile colorado, burritos, and horchata in anticipation of desert. Our lunch was good and came in big portions. The prices reasonable. Mexican food is always debatable in Southern California as there are so many places to have it. Everyone has an opinion which is the best 🙂 In this case, Old Coyote has been voted as best Mexican restaurant in San Diego many times over. Bottom line, a good priced and tasty lunch. The fried ice cream arrived in a nice red bowl. The ice cream was covered in cornflakes which protected the ice cream from melting when quickly dunked in hot oil. The ice cream was drizzled with honey and topped with whipped cream. If you are asking, does it taste fried? Nope, not all. For what it’s worth, the idea is pretty cool for the kids. I did like the ice cream with a drizzle of honey.

Tortilla Making at one of the restaurants

Casa Estudillo

Anyway, we explored Old San Diego and it was interesting. There were old buildings to visit to include Casa Estudillo which was considered one of the finest adobe houses built in California. Visiting Old Town San Diego is very walkable. Many things to do and see on a lazy afternoon. The stimulation for me was the diversity of people visiting the place. There are many places to eat, to shop, drink a margarita, drink a never heard of soda brand, listen to a mariachi band, or just laze on one of the park benches and watch people.

Bottle Caps of soda brands by small or regional producers.

Dang Butterscotch Root Beer, Leninade (Lemonade/This is amusing really), Mason's Root Beer

At Fiesta De Reyes, a Mariachi band was playing and it was free and entertaining.

The Real Mariachi Band plays at the center court

The Queen Grandma enjoying the Mariachi Band 🙂

I took some pictures that I thought was interesting which I am posting here. If you do not want to be overstimulated by theme parks or places requiring constant attention, this is a good place to be. The kids have enough to see and do. You can just kick back on that Margarita, listen to the mariachi band, and strike up a conversation with someone (which I did).

Old Town San Diego

Flamboyant Guitar Player. He was really nice posing for me.

Tile Store at the Fiesta De Reyes - Old Town San Diego

When in San Diego, visit Old Town. It’s FREE and its fun. If not, perhaps that margarita will lighten you up 🙂


One response to “Old Town San Diego…. a simple pleasure

  1. I love Old Town! Love the church across O’Hungry’s, the Presidio, the school house… Of course the kids love watching taffy being made at the candy store, and how tortillas are made from scratch. Thanks for sharing Franz!

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