My thoughts are sometimes best written and I am glad to find this venue to share them with you. I love new experiences and I find joy in sharing them by way of stories of how I’ve experienced them. I am no critic by any means. I just like to tell my experience. I always try to find the good in something, somebody or anything but sometimes I fail :(. By doing so, I hope you get to feel that experience as I share them in this media. We are all on the same bus of life, we just happen to be on and off the bus at different places and times.

BTW, I always pay for my food experiences so I owe the restaurant nothing. I love budget travel as it is what I can afford. I love to travel in style but only if I can afford it and when I accumulate enough air miles (thanks to my work) to fly in a bit more comfort.

My pleasures are very simple as I have learned that everything always goes out of style, out of fashion, gets old, taken for granted…….except for family and friends. Those I have and I am very happy and lucky 🙂 I enjoy photography and dabble in it when I can. Penny De Los Santos, Andrew Zimmern, Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown inspire me in my travels/trips. I am an adventure eater as long as I know I won’t get sick and end up in some hospital bed.

I am opinionated and sometimes I get in trouble for it but I think its ok coz we all need to share our thoughts at times.

I believe in causes that alleviate pain and suffering. I find fulfillment in working with the poor and oppressed. I’ve had my share of difficulties and I know how it feels.

If you like what you see and read, please share me with your friends. I’d also like to hear what you think by way of comments or voting on the blog. You can also subscribe to my blog as I plan to update at least every week.

I hope you enjoy my adventures (and my thoughts )as I share them and I imagine you taking that step to your own marvelous adventure.


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